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18/09/2019 · I went back to taping Buddy's one ear that is flopping and I use the foam insulation for pipes cut thin and to length. It's not down into his ear and so it doesn't bother him. It's just there to keep the ear straight and not bend in the middle of the ear like it's been doing. 22/07/2015 · My Doberman puppy, Drogo, has just turned 12 weeks old, and I had his ears cropped by a local Vet when he was 8 weeks old. From the beginning I has having issues with the way the ears were taped. At his first taping, which was done with his stitches still in, his ears were so swollen they had to be let loose before retaping.

18/06/2019 · yep i wanna know that too, you have to put in the ear and it will cover the ear canal and i do sure backtape and i just have two pieces of tape, one on the bottom and one on top, but her ears are so small it covers her ears completely LOL and maybe pic's would be great, close up shots, its easier to understand if you can see it. 29/11/2010 · For those of you who are not familiar with little Mita and Marko's ear story, here is a link to a thread with pictures of Mita before and after taping: Mita from Croatia - Doberman Chat Forum. Ingrid H, Dec 12, 2009 15. MomToMany Member. what is the purpose of taping natural ears like this?

See more of Doberman Ear Taping Service's on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Doberman Ear Taping Service's on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Doberman Ear Taping Service's. Pet Supplies. Community See All.. 08/02/2015 · Hey everyone. Alright so for anticipation of our new dobie pup in March, I am prepping myself on natural ear taping methods. I have looked through many and I don't like the idea of taping the ears down on the head because no air can get in there- I'm worried about ear infections and such. Ear taping kit, supplies to tape dogs ears after cropping, doberman, boxer, min pin, great dane, pit bull ear cropping supplies. Doberman ear posting tips video to make the task of taping doberman ears easier. I think dobes look so regal with cropped ears and I prefer a dog with upright. How to Post and Tape your new Doberman Pincher's Ears. Insert Tampon Post firmly in rear pocket of dogs ear. 6. Pulling upwards on ear, stretch ear.

21/02/2011 · Ear taping swollen and bloody. Help - we have a 12 week old Doberman who got his ears done 3 weeks ago. We started tapping his ears this past Wednesday but it's been a mess. The first 3 days were okay but Friday afternoon we dropped him off at boarding school because we were going out of town for the weekend.I have used 2 other methods of “no tape ear taping method” and “spiral taping” method. I would like to warn you that one needs to be careful that the ears would stand symmetrically and in the right position to the head. If you see that one ear is falling inwards or forward, you need to.

23/10/2011 · Doberman ear posting - improved method Over the years I’ve been tweaking the basic backer rod method and this way of doing it is by far the most effective and easiest of anything I’ve tried, so now that we have a new pup for a model thank you Albert, I. 06/08/2019 · Help with ear posting/taping So I've put the cone back on and removed the post to take the pressure off and let the ears heal from removing the tape. Does anyone know where I can get them professionally posted in the Mississauga, Brampton Oakville or Halton region.

Post ear crop - Antibiotics ️ Pain meds ️ anti-inflammatories ️, Sutures normally get removed in 10-14 days. E-collars are optional but can sometimes bend the ears, taping is occasionally necessary on ears that need assistance standing. Doberman Ear Taping Techniques This page is advice only and does not convey medical advice. These are the techniques I use and have found them to be the easiest way to get those ears up. methods used but the one described. Doberman Ear Taping Instructions Read/Download Ear Crop Various Styles for Dobermans / see. Doberman puppy before ear crop / see Ear taping instructions, Doberman ear taping video, complete / see. Ear Posting Directions--A Photo Tutorial of My Method We followed the exact instructions listed for taping from above, and didn't wrap them to tight. We consider ear taping concerns and questions an emergency please do not hesitate to call us no matter the time. We can also do skype video calls. Once your puppy is home and you are ready to do your first posting we would like to be sent a picture of the job you did. That way we can give some constructive criticism if needed.

  1. Doberman Ear Taping And Posting has 4,246 members. This group is to share ideas on posting methods. It's also to help new people learn how to post and.
  2. Doberman Ear Taping And Posting tem 4.292 membros. This group is to share ideas on posting methods. It's also to help new people learn how to post and.
  1. 16. To keep ear skin healthy change tapes every 3 days, and immediately they get wet, or infection might develop damaging the ear and making the puppy ill. 17. As puppy grows larger, increase length of ear - posts & width of wooden bridge - piece to fit. 18. Continue posting ears until female pup is 6 - 9 months old, or male pup is 9 - 12.
  2. 11/07/2010 · I still prefer to make posts out of paper towels--use cheap towels they are stiffer fold them in half and roll them into a fairly tight roll. Use two if the puppy is an older guy. Roll them the long way for long ears and trim after you've posted the ear--they should be longer than the ear tip so the ear has support all the way to the tip.

10/12/2019 · Three Types of Doberman Ear Crops By Pamela Gardapee. Share on Facebook. Ear Taping. After the stitches are removed, the ears are trained to stand upright using a half diameter roll of foam pipe insulation cut 6 to 8 inches long, along with first aid tape. The doberman ear cropping age is usually done at 7-9 weeks of the birth. It is not recommended that the ears be cropped after 9 weeks as the ears cartilage has formed to a flat shape. The procedure should be completed by a vet with experience in ear cropping to ensure a proper, good looking, standing ear. Ear cropping is a three step process. In the first step, the veterinarian after carefully studying both the Doberman’s head and ears, will cut away the thin membranous part of each ear from the base, around the outside, and up to the eventual tip. He will then stitch and dress the seam.

The easiest way to post cropped ears with tape. It takes only a few minutes. It's the cheapest,. Tape tubule ear taping method. doberman ear posting dobermann ears ear posting ear posting methods light ear posting method posting cropped ears taping cropped ears taping doberman ears. EAR CROPPING ~ TAPING AND POSTING YOUR UNIQUE DOBERMAN PINSCHER PUPPY Doberman ears are naturally long and floppy much like a black and tan hound, from the very beginning Doberman ears were cropped very short so that if or when they were attacked by an intruder there would be no long floppy ear flap to hold on to and the Dobermann would be able. In generations past people believed that erect ears were key to improved hearing, so cropping a Doberman's naturally floppy ears was a common practice. But Dobermans have excellent hearing with or without ear cropping. You'll want to take special care of your Doberman pinscher's ears whether they're cropped or not.

While the AKC Doberman breed standard calls for a cropped ear, an uncropped ear is merely a deviation from the standard, rather than a disqualification. If you aren't showing your dog in conformation, cropping is a personal decision. If you decide to crop, find a. I made a quick decision to crop my puppy’s ears, took a long drive to Riverside for the surgery, and then realized I forgot how to post cropped ears. It’s been over 15 years since I’ve done it. What materials to use, how long to post, what to watch for? Nitro is 14 months now and has beautiful ears. Doberman Ear Posting Method 2 – With Backer Rod & Surgical Glue Before starting any type of ear posting please make sure your pups ears are healed, stiches/staples removed and free of infection. Always clean the ear canal out well before beginning.

26/10/2010 · I start taping at the top of the post with the adhesive side facing the post. This is very dangerous and it is easy to cut off tips of ears when you can't see the ear because it is covered with tape!!. In order to be able to post messages on the Doberman Forum: Doberman Breed Dog Forums forums, you must first register.

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